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The reality is that in a competitive environment, your essay can distinguish you from the pack. Don’t hesitate to ask for help to ensure your writing is stellar.

Steven assists high school and college students with both research and writing assignments. He is a skilled writer who won Manhattanville College’s Sister Margaret Williams Prize for Outstanding Literary Criticism as well as Manhattan College’s Fitzpatrick Family Medal for his graduate thesis entitled A Comparison of Ordinal Birth Order and Level of Stress Among High School Juniors. 


Often students are overwhelmed with the pressures of intensive research papers or abstract creative writing assignments. Steven, helps dissect these assignments, breaks them into manageable components, and guides students through all steps of their research and writing. Through this process, not only do students develop outstanding pieces, but they also internalize the skills necessary for effective writing. Thus, students can improve their academic performance will simultaneously gaining vital confidence and knowledge.

Masters Degree in School Counseling & College Advising

Nearly 20 Years of Teaching in the Scarsdale Public Schools.

Masters Degree in Secondary Education & Special Education


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